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    How to pay?

    1. Select your country
    2. Select your payment method
    3. Follow the instructions on your screen
    4. After your payment a box will be shown up,
    In this box a couple textfields will show up,
    At the textfield NAME <- Please fill in your IN-GAME USERNAME
    At the textfield EMAIL <- Please fill in your Email-Adress
    At the OTHER COMMENTS <- Please fill in what items you like to have.


    People from other countrys than shown in the donate box, can only pay with wallie-card.

    Donation prices + items.

    *new* Sword of Azzinoth 
    This is the most powerfull weapon in-game, it has the power of the mighty Azzinoth!
    7 Donations
    Screen:  Click

    *new* Amulet of balance
    This amulet is dedicated to the god of balance
    3 Donations
    Screen: Click

    *new* Staff of sundosia
    This staff is very powerfull for mages, it used to be the staff of the mighty sundosia
    2 Donations
    Screen:  Click

    *new* Sundosia hammer (g)
    The new sundosia hammer is a very very powerfull melee weapon, its one handed and used to be the weapon of the mighty sundosia. with his amazing strenght bonus you can easily K0 ur opponend.
    6 Donations
    Screen:  Click

    *new* Donation Book
    Screen:  Click
    This book is mostly used by pures!
     you do not need any defence level to wear it, it contains the power of a powerfull shield,and nice bonus.
    3 Donations

    *new* Dark ring
    Screen:  Click
    The dark ring contains some really nice powers, what makes it the most powerfull ring in-game! 
    3 Donations

    Screen: Click
    the second most powerfull onehanded sword in game, the powers of this sword are even better than a godsword!
    with the speed of a longsword!
    5 Donations

    Name Change..... 1 Donation
    All party hats!.....8 Donations
    Any color Party hat ..... 4 Donations
    All godswords........4 Donations
    Any Godsword (saradomin,zamorak,armadyl,bandos)...... 2 Donation
    Any Bandos or armadyl piece(exept godswords) ...... 2 Donations
    Full Bandos including godsword......... 4 Donations
    Full armadyl including godsword.......4 Donations
    Santa or Halloween masks (1 Piece).....2 Donation
    Santa + all Halloween masks ....... 5 Donations
    Dragon Claws ....... 3 Donations
    Any 3rd age piece..... 3 Donation
    65M in-game cash...... 1 Donation
    150M in-game cash.........2 Donations
    Armadyl godsword+Dragon claws.... 4 Donations
    Any set of Barrows.....1 Donation
    Full dragon (chainbody,platelegs,fullhelm,boots,sqshield).... 2 Donations
    Dragonfire shield.... 1 Donation

    Got any problems related to your donation payment, please contact me at the forums.