Reborn page

    When can I get reborned?
    When you reach a combat level of 126 + 2 other 99 skills, you can choose for a reborn.

    What does a reborn do?

    A reborn means all your stats will be set back to 1 exept for hitpoints (10).

    Why should i do this?

    Once you have been  reborned you will gain a new rank!
    to show to other players that you are a true master of oldskoolscape, and have proven yourself to be a true warrior.

    How does that rank look like?

    Do I lose any items I had before?

    No. All items you got in your invetory/you wearing/your bank, will all be putted into your bank account.

    Do I keep my friends in my friends tab?


    Thats it go ahead and fill in the next form.

    Reborn form

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