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wise old boy unban :(
wiseoldboyDate: Thursday, 2011-03-31, 4:46 PM | Message # 1
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hey king,

me and a friend were at my home.
we played wolfenstein first.
then i told him about oldskoolscape he wanted to try it.
so i let him go down and go on my mothers computer and play on my acc.
he kwew how to kill bandos boss so i let him go to it.
i was upstairs playing wolfenstein my computer is upstairs my parents computer is downstairs.
then he came to me and said he died and lost my stuff.
he said that he died because he lagged out and when he came on he was in lumbridge without any stuff.
then i needed to go to a shop to buy some new cloths and he went to home.
then i came on and told the story he told me to adulthood.
but you checked it and it wasnt to trued so i called him and he gaved me the acc where the stuff was on and he said he did it.
he meaned it as a "joke"he told me.
edit: as a 1 april joke but then on marth the 30 sad
i logged in to breakme30 that was the acc where he putted the stuff on but there was no stuff on it.
now we are here :(.
cant you check it look it was on my parents computer so there needs to be another ip because its a other computer every computer got another ip adress?
this is the story what happend i hope i get unbanned and my stuff back i really didnt do it sad
edit: why would i do it i had everything i wanted and much more sad
im really sad that this all happend i lost a good friend my moderator ship and all my stuff please king give me a last chance sad
im really sorry this all happend il never let some1 on my acc again

wise old boy

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Forum » Judgement » Request Unban » wise old boy unban :( (unban)
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